Finding Love on the Kitchen Floor

The rocks cut her shins
But the salt water helped soothe it.
We sat on the floor and wondered why it’s so hard to love ourselves
Teased for excess hair
Embarrassed for the way we cum
Adhering to society’s standards and moulding our
Expectations from this fabricated institution.
We become antagonists when faced with a shiny surface.
I watched her kingdom shake with every doubt that filled her mind
It quivered beneath her hard thoughts.
“And yet, our bodies fight to keep us alive,” she reasoned.
Science shaped her perspective
Learning the mechanics
Of how we are and why
Made her love herself like she had never loved herself before.
Blood clots stem bleeding
Broken blood vessels make way for new tissue
Edges gather and pull inward to shrink the wound
Our physical body mends intuitively, but our minds insist on tormenting.
I saw timidities in her eyes, but her façade began to break, to soften
Logic and sense fostered warmth and tenderness
It crept into the corners of her mind and the crevices between her bones, where disgust and bitterness used to breed
Her body had waited its whole life to be loved back,

Photo by Eloise Ambursley