Tidal Waves (Poem for a Polish Guy)


You came into my life with a wash of the waves,
swept into my path by the warm ocean’s gaze,
then you slipped by like water from my fingertips’ grasp,
here for one moment, but not here to last.

They say: “Easy come will meet easy go,
“These things take time so just go with the flow.”
Yet in one precious moment, with one daring spark,
you ignited the embers in the depths of my heart.

From there burst new colours and flavours and music,
you sang me in Polish with an accent amusing,
and though we weren’t perfect or made for each other,
we knew this was special, this moment together.

Tall as a mountain and deep as a valley,
you drove me down highways exploring the alleys.
We traversed the coasts and we ferried the rivers
and dabbled our feet along wild sandy beaches.

We spoke of our lives, of our dreams and ambitions,
stories of heartache, of history and religions,
and when it was ending, our moment almost done,
you hugged me, uttered “Come to Poland!” and were gone.

Call it a fling or a summer romance,
a magical tidal wave, part of nature’s plan,
or an accident happening at the right place and time,
for one moment borrowed, but not forever mine.

So is this the end? Will I see you again?
Are we drops in the ocean or sprinkles of rain?
My skies are now painted with red white and blue,
may I one day discover more colours with you.