head lands in foam

eyes fall shut

it’s time to see him again

I squeal

I can’t wait

to enter

my dream

my dream carries a radiant glow

everywhere he walks a white haze follows behind him like a cape

the image of a true superhero.

my dream stands beside me at pedestrian crossings,

his head hovers over mine to see over parked cars,

gives my hand a firm squeeze when its safe to cross

my dream is bobbing amongst heads in a crowd

the glimpses of his conversation I piece together through dancing bodies

he looks so warm,

like summer sunsets at the beach

my dream manages to build up 900 watts of energy to fulfil my appetite

he sits patiently waiting for it to return to fill his own

my dream wakes up in a pool of his own drool

eyes flicker to semi-focus at a blob of black and brown

he lets a tear roll down his face

and I swipe my thumb across his cheek to wipe it away