September 4th


How crazy is it, that people like you can just walk around as if a dark cape detailed with all the awful things you’ve done isn’t draped around your shoulders?

I didn’t mind that a charge against you wouldn’t stick, until I saw you for the first time since your breath stunk of champagne and unwanted oral sex (as I slept).

But when I saw you, I saw a red as dark as those god awful red skinny jeans you wear!

I heard sirens in my head;

I wanted to be fucking dead!

I wanted to see you locked up; I don’t care if it’s he said, she said!

She (I) said, “No thanks, I’d like to go to bed,” and he (you) said, “I want to make you cum!”

And she (I) said, “I am going to bed” and he (you) waited ‘til I was dead (asleep) and the next morning he (you) rode home on his (your) flat-tyred bike.

Then she (I) said, “That’s not right. Please never go on to think that’s okay to do to someone,” and he (you) said, “Sorry! I thought you were awake with the alarm,” as if that makes it any more okay?!