Artistry Challenge Week 3: Dreamscape


Give us a peek into the inner workings of your phantasmagorical mind.

This week’s artistry challenge calls on you to escape your current reality and forge a new world via the magic of collage. Whether you do it digitally using the lasso tool on a photo-editing program or you take a pair of scissors to a stack of old magazines, we want to see what wildly incongruous scenes you can dream up.

collage a surrealist landscape

Perhaps you want to use places of existence to create fictional ones — combine some icy mountains from Finland with an assortment of beach umbrellas from the Cambodian coastline, or a chain of Tibetan prayer flags with some ancient Egyptian pyramids. If you’re feeling particularly surreal, instead of using your old snaps or those you find via royalty-free sites like Unsplash, source old illustrations from retro sci-fi comics, vintage fashion catalogues, old almanacs or antique lithographs.

As always, if you’re feeling ballsy, or as we like to say at Anaerkillik, if you’ve got big flap energy, submit your creations to us via or by tagging #anaerkillikartistrychallenge on Instagram, and we will share them on our website and social media. All collages pictured were made on a 2001 version of Adobe Photoshop by Gemma Clarke