His March for Justice


I’m in love with him but all it does right now is bring me pain

Because he doesn’t think gendered oppression has a name


He says he can’t take on anyone else’s problems and difficult things,

Like women’s issues aren’t completely intertwined with his


He cares for me, he loves and he supports

“They just don’t get paid the same because no one watches women’s sports”


He’s loving and beautiful to me, he really is,

He’ll support you too if your female blood runs in his


His ignorance sends me into a state of crisis,

As I repeat “Every nine days a woman dies from domestic violence”


He tells me I’ve ruined a fine time with happiness fading from his eyes

While streams of painful tears fall from mine


So I drive home alone in the dark,

Heart cut open by his dangerous remarks


He’s the person I turn to when I’m sad

So I’m left with no idea what to do while I feel this bad


Sticking up for what I know to be true

Brings me pain and heartbreak too

Because I’ve not known a single woman who doesn’t feel the way I do


He tells me he has enough on his plate,

Just moments ago, holding and supporting me through my recount of rape


I’m pried so open he can’t bear to look,

Separating his love for me from the Australian streets rallies shook


A march for justice he says he wouldn’t attend,

But really hopes things all work out for us in the end.