From the Dining Room Table


And so it begins,

Rinsing away the calamity and replacing it with calm

Slipping into something more comfortable, hanging up coats and rolling out shoulders

Temporarily forgetting about the nine to five

Dancing with the idea of a glass of wine


The kitchen is familiar territory

Where in each home, the cutlery is kept in the same top drawer and the glassware hides up high in the shelves

There’s far too many mugs behind the worn wooden cabinets and a fridge overwhelmed with memories made in postcards and travel magnets


It’s a place where bodies move gracefully between sugar and spice,

Peppering kisses with cinnamon and clove and rolling out pastry with retired beer bottles.


This collected intimacy,

Arranged in knives and forks

Dusted in flour

and drenched in olive oil

Is our language, between friends and lovers.


I’ll admit that I enjoy the prelude, the conversation and the preparation

Far more than I do sitting around the dining room table

Although it’s all well to be sat, full bellied under candle light

I much prefer when were balancing flavours barefoot on the green laminate floors,

When we’re moving pots and pans, whilst you play me that something you’ve been meaning to show me.


I rather like when your hands are busy yet your mind speaks vividly

Of the things that have been a burden on your chest

creating a bite sized morsels that reveals catharsis,

soothing you in butter, rosemary fade.


Welcome to my abode,

a place of cooking

colliding colours on plates

place a wine in your hand, leave your lipstick on the rim

You do the cooking, I’ll dry the dishes.

You know where the plates go at the end.

With cold hands & warm hearts, Lily Anna

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