ANAERKILLIK is an inclusive platform that seeks to encourage expression, celebrate artistic talent and foster discussion, all the while embracing diverse identities and dismantling infrastructures that support inequality.

As women, so many of us are bursting with something to say and artistic talent, but often, much of what we’re capable of is hidden in the pages of old diaries journals or archived in the depths of a cringey old tumblr account. ANAERKILLIK exists to provide an avenue for all this thought and creativity. We also welcome contributions from men and non-female identifying people — we have no desire to exclude anyone from any conversation, and are hyper-aware of how much everyone has suffered from patriarchal hegemony.

ANAERKILIK features all manner of things: art, poetry, prose, analysis, photography, print and textile designs, memes, musings and more, with the desire to eventually roll out seminars, exhibitions and workshops. If you’d like to contribute or get involved somehow, we’d be delighted – check out our contact page for more information.