Artistry Challenge

Crack open your kaleidoscope mind, delve into the deepest fissures of your heart and pour your soul onto paper every week with Anaerkillik.

ANAERKILLIK is emerging from iso-hibernation with a fresh new look. To celebrate, we’ll be launching a weekly artistry challenge that will span until the end of the year (or until our creative juices wring bone dry).

So many of us are bursting with imaginative prowess and something to say, but often, much of what we’re capable of is hidden in the pages of old diaries or archived in the depths of a cringe-inducing tumblr account.

Each Monday – starting June 1 – we’ll be sharing a creative or journalling prompt on our website and our Instagram, complete with suggested reading to stir ideas, provoke thought, encourage introspection and kindle inventiveness. Perhaps you’ll be asked to work on a collage or pen a poem, write a letter or craft a postcard. Topics will span from the places you call home to female rage to reaffirming sexuality to the insurgent poetics of decolonial thought.

Not only would we love for you to follow them along – if you’re feeling gutsy, we want you to share your work with us so we can spread it to the masses! Sure, it can be terrifying revealing little slices of yourself with the universe, but if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that all we have is thought and all we are is story – and everyone’s is worth recording.

Beginning June 1, 2020. Follow the journey here, and tag @anaerkillik on Instagram or email to submit your creations.

Collage by Gemma Clarke
Painting by Tatyana Jinto Rutherston
Photograph by Thea Elder

Week 1: On Female Fury

Whether we learn it explicitly or intuitively, as women, we’re often guilty of softening ourselves for fear of social repercussion and anti-female bias. But female anger is a necessary emotion – and when directly appropriately, it can even be a corrosive public force, a necessary discomfort that can be a catalyst for clearer dialogue and increased justice. 

Week 2: The Vanity of (Self) Reflection

Vanity is unquestionably a gender issue. Female-identifying bodies have to constantly defend themselves against the male gaze. Men have enforced ideas of how and what women should look like throughout history, and society has pushed us to perform a role whereby we exist as objects to be admired.

Week 3: Dreamscape

Escape your current reality and forge a new world via the magic of collage. Whether you do it digitally using the lasso tool on a photo-editing program or you take a pair of scissors to a stack of old magazines, we want to see what wildly incongruous scenes you can dream up!

Week 4: It's All in the Hair

It’s time to untangle the politics of hair! Some women wear it as a symbol of femininity or cultural solidarity, or to comply with the normative practices of their society or subculture. Others wear it as a bold political statement, to rebut gender norms or a means to get close to, or away from, trending fashions. Hair heritage reveals both racism and the impact of patriarchal standards of beauty, and also demonstrates the depth of human diversity and creativity. So, let’s look at the intersection between art and our hair. You don’t have to do witchcraft with your strands, but we urge you to ponder the thought of hair this week. What does it mean to you? How has it shaped your experiences and internal perspective?

Week 5: Be Your Own Muse

Though we know in theory that we are all so much more than our appearances, the reality is we have days where it’s hard to see past the physical – especially in ourselves. But beauty is there every time we look in the mirror, and if you’ve been having trouble seeing it lately, we have an activity to cure all your insecurities: be our own muse. Take a nude photo of yourself on your phone, and then make art using the image as your stimulus.