Artistry Challenge

Crack open your kaleidoscope mind, delve into the deepest fissures of your heart and pour your soul onto paper every week with Anaerkillik.

So many of us are bursting with something to say and artistic talent, but often, much of what we’re capable of is hidden in the pages of our journals or archived in the depths of an old tumblr account. ANAERKILLIK exists to provide an avenue for all this thought and creativity, so we’ll be sharing prompts each Monday from June 1, 2020, on our website and our Instagram.

Not only would we love for you to follow along – we want you to share your work. Sure, it’s kinda terrifying being vulnerable and revealing secret slices of yourself with the universe, but if not now, when?

Tag @anaerkillik on Instagram or email to submit your creations.

Collage by Gemma Clarke
Painting by Tatyana Jinto Rutherston
Photograph by Thea Elder